Health Clinic

Prevention is better than patching up

We all know life´s daily challengs and have developed a concept after years experience that bring about a calm and stable state of health.With awareness of the body it is possible to maintain health and well-beeing of the healthy person. Movements, gentle exercice, massage, concentration and breathing exercises bring about harmony to body, spirit and soul.

A good balance strengthenes, heals and maintains the health of body and soul. Through the treatment we can advise and inspire to a good and new relationship with the body. In our work we do our utmost to help you find new goals and a new life style.

The elements of our treatment

- Massage for the soul
- Nutrition for the body
- Homeopathy for the spirit


What we do adress

- Cleansning and strengthening of
the immune system

- Socially related illness
- Acute health crises
- Stress symptoms
- Fasting


It is important to recognize our own needs, and take them seriously and thereby releasing them. I´m doing so we find our identity.

We are surrounded by numerous nutrients and by realising this creating a connection with ourselves and nature. In this learning process it is about own experiences an feelings. Nourishment signifies life. All that I needed is already there. We can help you find this.


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