Erik and Marijanne have worked with relationship theories throughout their lives and assume that all symptoms of the body are relationship-related. We are interested in hidden energy blocks that are rooted in unresolved relationships or experiences. That is why we work in HARMONI's holistic treatment and retreat / accommodation, which is a "Relations School".

When we find blockages in humans, we reflect them and draw them to awareness and processing. Our call is "let you touch" and go into the reflection of the relationship: through you I become myself.
Everything we meet comes to us to reflect the WE in a relative state that leads us to our reality.

Erik, born on 14.85.55 in Odense, is Reflection Therapist and Educator

Marijanne, born 9.3.56 in Harz is a Classical Homeopath, Body Therapist, and has taught and analyzed the course of illness throughout his life.

The close life is for her also the basis. Harmoni-Touch means for us to work with balancing energy in and around us. Touch is a prerequisite for inner growth and harmony. Therefore, we also offer rebalance massage, as the beginning of the healing process.

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