Eckhard and Marijanne a living a dream and wishes to share it with their fellow beings.

WE HAVE FOUND A CORNER OF PARADISE on ÆRØ where all elements meet fairly. Wind, water, earth and air in nature provide ever changing opportunities for learning the living processes of change. Influenced by eastern world philosophies i.e. Confucius, the Tao, Buddhism but also Western modern psychology with deeply religious roots we have decided to live life differently. It is our aims to learn to live quality rather than quantity. This creates a perm culture, where plants, animals and humans can interact and support each other. Each individual and society must have justice.

Our philosophy is based on Sympathy, Empathy and Love for life. Each day provides opportunities to learn confidence in the interconnectedness of world processes.

Yin and Yang, summer and winter, darkness and light, big and small, flood and drought.

When you live on an island with tourism and in the Northern hemisphere with seasons, it is our object to accept the polarities that bring rhythm.

We need people to share this process with for a short or longer time. Without you we are nothing. A warm and sincere welcome.

born in Pisces 1956:
Is qualified medical secretary social pedagogue, movement pedagogue, therapist, homeopath and creative woman. She loves colorful authentic places and gives inspiration to freedom.

Eckhard: born in cancer 1941:
Is a qualified laundry and dye master, managing director and health counselor.
With a lot of intuition for unspoken phenomena. His main aims are limitation and freedom of limitation, and meditation.


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